f(x) Makes Grand Return with MV for '4 Walls'!

Anna Park, Oct. 26, 2015, 9:26 a.m.

f(x) has FINALLY made their comeback! The SM girl group excited fans with their gorgeous teasers and have finally dropped their new electronic track and MV for '4 Walls'. The long-awaited music video didn't fail to impress as the girls took on a vintage, yet ethereal look in the dreamy MV.

The ladies of f(x) seem to have taken on a new concept this time around, with their softer, electro beat/house track - a stark contrast from their last promotions with the edgier and bolder track 'Red Light'! Either way, the girls look AND sound amazing! Make sure to check out the catchy song and MV below, here on Koogle TV!

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