f(x) Releases a Lyrics Version Video for Track “4 Walls”

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 9, 2015, 11:06 a.m.

Even though fanbases usually create them on their own, it seems like MBC is taking matters into their own hands this time around, releasing a music video featuring the lyrics for the group’s song, “4 Walls”! The network revealed the lyrics of the song in three different versions in one video, showing the Korean, Phonetic, and English lyrics.


Instead of the psychedelic image like the original music video had offered, the lyrics video shows a very sleek look, putting the focus on what the other girls were singing and nothing else besides that. MBC then used the previously released teaser animated gifs as well as some of the other promotional photos they had in order to keep the video colorful and engaging. The gifs are displayed according to which artist is singing, which will help fans identify their favorite member and their contribution to the song.
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