f(x)'s Victoria is a Sultry Beauty in 'High Cut'

June Kang, Nov. 24, 2015, 10:08 a.m.

f(x)'s Victoria is a mature beauty in her recent pictorial with 'High Cut' magazine! The classy starlet is seen donning bold red and pink lip colors, dressed in three different outfits for the 162nd issue of the publication. One cut shows Victoria in a sexy leather accented dress and knee high boots, as she directs a sultry gaze at the camera.

In another, Victoria is seen looking contemplative in a navy ruffled blouse and a risque, see through lacy skirt, while the final image showcases Victoria in a simple and youthful look, with just red lips and a white and blue striped sweater.

Victoria has been dominating fashion pictorials in various magazines this season! Which spread was your favorite?

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