G-Dragon Possibly Dating Mizuhara Kiko

Sensitive Artist, Sept. 24, 2014, 1:23 p.m.

Pictures have surfaced of Big Bang member G-Dragon recently, and there has been a lot of buzz circulating around! This is because in the picture, it is assumed that G-Dragon and Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko are on a date together.

The two celebrities have had to battle dating rumors in the past, but the rumors may just have been revived with these pictures. A Japanese Instagram user posted the picture on September 24th with the caption, "G-Dragon and Kiko's date in Miyakozima, Japan."  The picture shows a man that seems to have a similar physical stature as G-Dragon, wearing a white tee and sitting next to a woman being clearly affectionate. The model in question also was spotted wearing the same exact striped sweater in another picture, drawing even more unanswered questions.

Dating rumors regarding the two have been circulating around since 2010. Although YG Entertainment states that the two are not dating and have a platonic friendship, netizens keep digging up more evidence that suggests otherwise. Some pictures show the two vacationing overseas, others show the two shopping and there is even a photo of G-Dragon enjoying a meal with Kiko's mother. Another moment was when G-Dragon nominated his "dear Kiko" in a private "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" video on Instagram.

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