G Dragon, Taeyang, and Kwanghee Go To Karaoke on Infinite Challenge

D-Bo , July 18, 2015, 5:42 p.m.

On the most recent episode of the hit variety show Infinite Challenge, the crew continue into their quest for their Summer Music Festival.  Kwanghee, who has teamed up with BIGBANG’s G Dragon and Taeyang went to karaoke to find their niche. 

At the karaoke, Kwanghee first started to sing a well-known trot song, "Who Cares About My Age," encouraging G-Dragon and Taeyang to join in towards the end. Following the trot performance, Kwanghee revealed that he's been wanting to sing songs like "Fantastic Baby," a hit number of Big Bang


To grant their partner's wish, G-Dragon and Taeyang started off the song, singing and rapping their original parts in the track, leaving Kwanghee with T.O.PSeungri, andDaesung's parts. 


G-Dragon, however, cut the song short right at the peak and said, "This is good enough. I saw it. You're not that bad." Kwanghee then excitedly responded with, "I am pretty good with Seungri's parts." G-Dragon then quickly defended his maknae and said, "Seungri is good at singing. Our Seungri is really good at singing." 

Kwanghee then blurted out, "How could you do this to me and refer Seungri as 'our?' I thought we were friends." G-Dragon restated, "Our Kwanghee is good, but our Seungri is really good.


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