G-Dragon’s Clothing Brand ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ Angers Netizens

Paul Lee, Oct. 6, 2016, 8:27 a.m.

G-Dragon’s very own ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ clothing line is becoming a big issue amongst netizens, stating that the prices are way too high, and that the way it’s being marketed is focused away from the South Korean culture. The products for ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ aren’t cheap, with hats being priced at 228,000 KRW / $201.80 USD, and t-shirts being sold for 348,000 KRW / $308.01 USD.


The items are completely out of spending range for many of his younger fans, and they have expressed their disappointment towards the artist. That isn’t the only qualm that netizens have however with the brand. Netizens are unhappy that ‘won’ is being written in English, even when the site is set to Korean. Netizens have found this marketing strategy as being insulting, and are demanding that the entire site be in Korean.


Some netizens have stepped forward to justify and defend the brand however. Comments have pointed out that G-Dragon is an international star, as well as saying that all brand name clothing is expensive. It looks like G-Dragon is taking a route very similar to that of Kanye West, and we’re curious to see how well his line does.

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