G-Dragon’s ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ Brand Caught in Controversy Again

Ben Cho, Oct. 10, 2016, 8:56 a.m.

G-Dragon’s latest clothing line ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ caught the attention of netizens last week for its exorbitant prices and edgy style of marketing. The clothing brand has once again become the buzz of the internet after it was discovered that the laundry label had some very apathetic and edgy comments on it, which did not sit well with more than a few.


The laundry label on ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ clothing items have the standard instructions on how to take care of the item, but the bottom half adds a little bit of extra ‘flavor’ by stating, ‘…BLAH BLAH… F*CK IT JUST GIVE IT TO YOUR MOTHER’. The label was already revealed on his Instagram for some time now, but it looks like netizens are finally giving notice.


Many have shown anger and disappointment at the label, stating that it promoted misogynistic behavior, as well as reinforcing stereotypes that women should be stuck at home to perform menial tasks. Other netizens have stepped forward to defend G-Dragon, stating that the phrase was already in existence and commonly used. Unhappy netizens are demanding a reply or announcement from G-Dragon regarding the issue.


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