G-Dragon's Posts Video of Himself Standing In The Wind

SWAG-tastic Voyage, March 7, 2014, 10:26 a.m.

G-Dragon has posted a video of himself being blown away by the wind in an Instagram video on his own personal account!

The video post from his Instagram shows Big Bang's G-Dragon messing around in the very strong winds at Jeju Island, acting as if the wind is so strong it is pushing back his entire body.  He is currently at Jeju Island because he is doing some filming for G-Market.

The caption of the video was, "I had an affair (It was windy) in Jeju Island".  This may not make sense to some, but in the Korean language there is a saying that literally translates into "It was windy", but it really means that you are having a (romantic) affair.  It seems he was referencing the title from the Infinity Challenge song "I Had an Affair", but using it as a pun to describe his situation which had a very literal translation.

Fans were bemused by the antics of G-Dragon fooling around, and commented jokingly, "Oppa be strong! Fight the wind.","Oppa don't let it blow you away.","Youlook like a child" and so on.

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