Gallup Korea Asks Koreans "Aside from South Korea, Which Country is Your Favorite?"

kpopluv, March 22, 2015, 12:37 p.m.

Gallup Korea recently conducted a survey of 1,700 South Koreans over the age of 13, "Aside from South Korea, which country is your favorite?"  

According to 'Gallup Korea,' the United States took first place with 17% of the votes. The countries that followed include: Australia (13%), Switzerland (11%), France (9%), England (7%), Canada (6%), Italy (5%), China (3%), Japan (3%), New Zealand (3%), Netherlands (2.4%), Germany (2.3%), Singapore (1.4%), Sweden (1.3%), and Spain (1.0%). 

'Gallup Korea' observed that mostly teenagers and people in their 50s seemed to like the United States, while people in their 30s preferred Australia. When 'Gallup Korea' compared their data with that of their 2004 survey of the same question, they found that the three countries United States, Australia, and England all placed highly in the top 10. Votes for European countries France, England, and Italy increased significantly, while votes for Japan have decreased. 

'Gallup Korea' went on to ask their survey participants which city they wanted to visit the most. Many Koreans picked Paris as their number one choice, giving it 14% of their votes. The cities that followed include: New York City (9%), Sydney (9%), London (5%), Rome (5%), Los Angeles (3

Gallup Korea' noted that more women wanted to go to Paris than men and that mostly teenagers wanted to go to New York City. Meanwhile, back in 2004, Paris and Sydney used to share first place as Koreans' top vacation spot while Tokyo came in third. Looking over the results, 'Gallup Korea' concluded that Koreans are developing an increasing interest to visit western countries while interest has declined to visit nearby Asian countries. %), Tokyo (3%), Hawaii* (2%), Washington D.C. (2%), and Singapore (1%).  

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