Get ready to see Jay Park, Mike Shinoda, Hotel Garuda, and more at 'Identity LA'!!

Jun Ko, March 27, 2018, 4:36 p.m.

Are you excited for the upcoming 'Identity LA' festival? The details of this event has just been announced by the City of Los Angeles; it'll take place at the City Hall/Grand Park in Downtown LA on May 12th from 4PM to 10PM. This festival is presented by Councilman David Ryu and the International Secret Agents (ISA); it celebrates the impact that all Asian Pacific cultures have left and are continuing to leave in the city of Los Angeles. It's bound to be a fun time with how it doubles as a concert and provides an array of foods, cute merchandise, amazing performances, and more. 

Last year's 'Identity LA' festival was a massive hit with special guests Dean, Miso, Giraffage, Jenn Im, Far East Movement, Wong Fu Productions, the cast of 'Gook', and more! Check out the highlights below! 

The third annual 'Identity LA' festival will be hosted by Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions. For the musical acts, the current lineup is shown to be Korean R&B/Hip-hop artist Jay Park, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, and musical powerhouse DJ duo Hotel Garuda. The full list isn't even out yet and it's already shaping up to have stellar acts. 

The best part of this festival is that it's absolutely free to enter. This event is open to the public, so come and check out the festival! Enjoy the delicious types of food, be a part of the rad performances in store, and celebrate the numerous Asian Pacific cultures! The 'Identity LA' festival will be on May 12th at the City Hall/Grand Park in Downtown LA from 4PM to 10PM! If you're interested in attending, check out further details at and RSVP over at their Facebook! Will you be attending?

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