BeavisKim, March 24, 2014, 10:56 a.m.

Ever wonder what's going on with actress HAN GA IN? HAN GA IN completely vanished from media's attention for awhile now ever since she signed with her new management BH Entertainment where it's home of lots of big time celebrities like LEE HYUN HUN, GOSOO, SOHEE, HAN JI MIN and many others. 

According to the BH Entertainment HAN GA IN has been spending quality time with her family and keeping herself really busy with self improvement as an actress. She also recently had a CF deal with make-up comepany ISA KNOX promoting new X2D2 lines for the spring. In the CF, she flaunted her flawless skin as well as her perfect,yet simply godess like beautiful face. She has also been lurking around for her next project. Let's hope to hear from HAN GA IN soon.


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