GFriend wins 10 awards for 'Navillera'

Hannah Kim, Aug. 5, 2016, 10:13 a.m.

K-pop girl group GFriend has swept 10 awards for its single song “Navillera,” alone. GFriend ranked No. 1 for three consecutive weeks on music program “M Countdown” on Mnet, as of its Thursday airing.

“Rough,” which GFriend released in January, previously earned 15 awards. “Navillera” remarkably marks the second song this year to bring the group a double-digit number of awards. 

GFriend has earned 25 trophies in 2016 so far. The group ranks No. 9 among girl groups in total awards. However, given that it has been only a year and seven months since the group debuted, GFriend shows the potential for many more in the future. 

Following are the girl groups that have received the most awards and the number of the awards won:

1. Girls’ Generation (100)
2. Wonder Girls (50)
3. 2NE1 (44)
4. SISTAR (43)
5, f(x) (33)
6. A Pink (29)
7. T-ara (28)
8. Kara (27)
9. GFriend (25). 

GFriend is slated to feature in the Rio special of music TV show “Music Bank” on KBS on Aug. 5, where they will perform “Navillera.”

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