Giriboy Releases New Track "Take Care Of You" Music Video

the_godfather, March 14, 2015, 10:19 a.m.

Rap artist Giriboy has just made his return with the release of his latest track, "Take Care of You"! In the music video, you can see the rapper showing off his gentlemanly persona, while he drops smooth rap verses along to an addictive beat. The music video features a black and white look and feel, to create a mysterious and intriguing vibe.

The music video features a very interesting storyline, showing a woman grieving on the floor with cuts of Giriboy rapping spliced in. Giriboy's smooth flows combined with the calming instrumentals places the listener's focus on the lyrics of the song, which is about the rapper's genuine emotions.

Watch the official music video for Giriboy's "Take Care Of You" here at!

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