Girl’s Day Hyeri Endorses Fashion Brand ‘EXR’

kpride, Nov. 6, 2014, 11:43 a.m.

Girl’s Day member Hyeri is the latest idol to endorse fashion brand EXR.  The brand has revealed commercial films of the idol.  The CF took on the concept of 'Hyeri in EXR training camp' with Hyeri asked to perform military-style routines for her initiation ceremony, during which she kept warming up to the commander's voice with her aegyo. Behind the scenes, Hyeri got serious with her charismatic poses and expressions as the new face of the brand.

Lee Hyeri better known by her stage name Hyeri, is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known as the youngest member, lead dancer and vocalist of the girl group Girl's Day under Dream Tea Entertainment.

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