Girl's Day Minah was sleep-deprived while filming 'Beautiful Gongshim'

Ashley Song, July 26, 2016, 9:46 a.m.

Korean drama “Beautiful Gongshim” ended on July 17, but K-pop group Girl’s Day’s Minah, who played the lead role in the series, remains in the media spotlight.

Here are some interview excerpts she did with media outlets regarding the drama:

Q: Was there a character that you kept in mind while filming the drama?

A: Yes, I often thought of “She Was Pretty” (a 2015 drama that starred actress Hwang Jung-eum). I wasn’t trying to imitate the character in that drama, but I did take the character into account while acting. 

Q: You had to wear a wig throughout most of “Beautiful Gongshim.” Was wearing a wig uncomfortable? 

A: Yes, it was, especially as the weather became hot and humid. I had to wash the wig often. However, I grew quite used to the wig toward the end. The wig almost felt like part of my hair. I wanted to keep it, but I had to return it to the prop team after filming the drama. 

Q: What did other members of Girl’s Day say about you wearing the wig, or about starring in the drama in general?

A: They thought it was hilarious and laughed a lot. Hyeri was filming another drama at the time, so we had a lot in common. We were both always sleep-deprived due to filming. 

Q: What was the hardest part about filming the drama?

A: I didn’t get much sleep. The lack of sleep weakened my ability to remember lines. I filmed the drama 5.5 days a week. During the last four days of filming, I slept only 40 minutes in total. 

Q: Forty minutes in four days?

A: Yes, it was the first time in my life being so sleep-deprived. There were times when I only got an hour or two of sleep a day while singing as a Girl’s Day member. But filming “Beautiful Gongshim” made me think, ‘So this is what it means to be sleep-deprived.’

Q: Do you have insecurities about your looks? (Gongshim is a character who lacks self-confidence)

A: My feelings get hurt when I read comments online saying that I am ugly. Let’s say if 99 out of 100 remarks are compliments and only one is a negative remark -- that one negative remark would haunt me. I get hurt and lose self-confidence easily. 

Q: The response you got for acting must have been different from the responses you got for singing. 

A: Yes. My grandparents were proud of me. People around my grandparents’ age usually do not know Girl’s Day. But more in their generation watched “Beautiful Gongshim.” My grandparents say they often had people ask them surprisingly, “Your granddaughter is Gongshim?”

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