Girl's Day Releases Second MV Teaser Photo for "Ring My Bell"

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, July 2, 2015, 11:36 a.m.

Girl's Day has finally decided to reveal what they were hiding in their first teaser silhouette picture! The four members of Girl's Day can be seen welcoming the summer season with open arms, by rocking some very stylish and chic black and white swimsuits!

The picture is the second photo release for the group's upcoming track "Ring My Bell", and Dream Tea Entertainment has stated that this will be their swimsuit fashion concept for a part of the music video. We will be seeing a "60's" concept it seems like, with all of the black and white retro styles.

A representative of Dream Tea Entertainment stated, "The swimsuit fashion was chosen to fit with the refreshing summer concept for the MV. Their fashion concept will maximize the fun and brightness of their new song "Ring My Bell". Their song will take away everyone's worries and weariness during the hot summer in one swift move."

Each of the new teaser photos will have fans looking forward to their upcoming album and music video for sure! The official music video will be released on July 7th. You heard it here at!

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