Girl’s Day wraps up 5th mini album, sends message to fans

Michelle Jung, April 17, 2017, 9:49 a.m.

Girl’s Day members shared how they felt about wrapping up the group activities for their fifth mini album “GIRL‘S DAY EVERYDAY #5.” 

Expressing gratitude, the members sent messages to fans via the group’s agency Dream T Entertainment Monday. 

“I remember every moment of our fans supporting us,” said Sojin, leader of the four-member group. “I hope to happily continue group activities in the future.” 

Minah said she had enjoyed every moment with the members and fans throughout the three weeks of promotional activities. “Since it was the long-awaited album, I remember staying up all night, very nervous before the showcases,” said Hyeri.

The group released its fifth mini album on March 27 after a 20-month hiatus that followed the release of its second full-length album “LOVE” in 2015. 

Since the release, the title song “I’ll Be Yours” has swept several local music charts and was recently placed No.7 on Billboard’s World Album chart. 

The members will focus on their individual careers until the next album, according to reports.

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