Girl's Day's Hyeri Discusses Why She Showed Aegyo on "Real Men"

Sensitive Artist, Sept. 22, 2014, 9:47 a.m.

Girl's Day member Hyeri discussed the situation regarding her now-famous aegyo moment that she shared with her instructor on one of the episodes of "Real Men"!

For those who don't regularly watch the show, Hyeri displayed a very brief bit of aegyo when she was saying goodbye to her drill instructor, and the short clip began to circulate around the Internet some weeks ago and is now considered one of the prime examples of displaying aegyo in the annals of K-Pop history.

On the latest episode of "Real Men", the female cast came together for a couple days after they had left the military in order to catch up with one another.

Being all dressed up and showing her K-Pop idol status once again, when asked why she displayed her aegyo at such a strange time Hyeri stated that it was a very impulsive action saying, "I was actually somewhat disappointed," she said. "It was the last day, I hoped [the instructor] would be a bit nicer."

Be sure to watch the clip above here at!

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