Girl's Day's Hyeri Takes Extra Measures to Protect Minah on 'Hidden Camera Battle'

Anna Park, Feb. 9, 2016, 1:33 p.m.

On the February 9th broadcast of the Lunar New Year special program 'Hidden Camera Battle - Battle of the Thrones', Girl's Day's Hyeri was pranked by her fellow group members! The 'Reply 1988' star was tricked into thinking that Minah was dating Super Junior's Leeteuk and that a huge scandal was about to make headlines.

Although the highlight of the episode was Minah and Leeteuk's surprise kiss in order to legitimatize their claims of being a couple, one scene truly (should have) stood out above that. When the topic of Minah's dating scandal came up, Hyeri immediately got up to make sure the doors were sealed closed and even went as far as checking the walls. Hyeri's true character really shined during this moment as she took extra measures to make sure that no one would be peeping in or listening into Minah's sensitive situation.

The way Hyeri tries to protect her friend by any means was very admirable. You can check out the scene below, here on Koogle TV!

Girl's Day's Hyeri Protects Minah

Watch as Girl's Day's Lee Hyeri takes extra measures to protect Minah's secret on 'Hidden Camera Battle'! Girls' Day Minah Girl's Day 方敏雅香港後援會 - Minah hkfc MinAh 방민아 Girl's Day Vietnam Fanpage Girl's Day - Hyeri 혜리 (惠利) Lee Hyeri Maknae ღღღ Girl's Day VN

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