Girl's Day's Yura and Jang Su Won reunite on tvN's 'Life Bar'.

Michelle Cho, May 26, 2017, 10:56 a.m.

 On May 25, tvN’s ‘Life Bar’, Jang Su Won appeared as a guest on the show and along with MC Girl’s Day’s Yura, they commemorated the joyful time while acting for Korean drama, ‘Love and War.’ Yura commented, "It's my lifelong project”, describing on the importance of the drama.

Jang Su Won sat beside Yura as they both sported red and blue matching outfits deeming a ‘couple outfit.’ Yura then playfully stated, "This is my ex-husband." Following the comment, the programs staff displayed a clip from the drama to which Jang Su Won commented, "You did well," praising her acting skills.

He then elaborated on his robotic acting presented in the video, "I was trying to match up to Yura's height so I put insoles in my shoes. So that's why I looked awkward."

Do you recall this lovely pair from ‘Love and War’? If not check out the video below! 

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