Girl's Day's Yura Is Both Excited & Nervous for First Filming of "We Got Married"

Sensitive Artist, May 29, 2014, 10:26 a.m.

Girl's Day's Yura revealed that she felt butterflies when she first met her on-screen husband, actor Hong Jong Hyun on the popular show, "We Got Married"!

Yura spoke to News1 on May 29th, stating I had my first filming for 'We Got Married 4' on the 28th and I was more nervous than I expected myself to be... I met my husband Hong Jong Hyun for the first time and I was very shy so I wasn't able to express my feelings well... But I am thankful that my husband still cared for me a lot and I will have fun filming it... I am looking forward to the next filming and I think it will be fun... Please love our couple a lot."

Yura and Hong Jong Hyun will be making their first appearance on "We Got Married" on the June 7th airing!

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