Girl’s Day’s Yura Shows Her Sexy Denim Look for “GEEK” Magazine

Inquisitive Bro-Migo, Aug. 21, 2015, 11:51 a.m.

Girl’s Day’s Yura showed that she can look both innocent and sexy at the same exact time on the cover of men’s magazine “Geek”. In her interview, she admitted that member Minah had moved out of their dorm. Yura commented, "After Minah left our home to live with her sister, the three of us all sit together and eat whatever with the TV on. We watch TV while squealing and shouting. We drink once in a while too, and sometimes we lie on our beds like hamburgers and chatter away."


She went on to say, "When we play, we all hang out like friends but there is an age gap, so the oldest is the oldest and the youngest is the youngest. We have those boundaries and automatically respect each other and are considerate of each other."


Yura discussed how much she loved her fans by saying, "They're strangers. When you think about it, I'm a stranger to them and who am I to receive letters from people whose parents don't even get letters? They take the time to come see me from far away. Without doing anything, I know that I receive so much, so I love my fans. I act silly so much, and people see me and say, 'Fool, she's a fool', but I still feel good."


She sure doesn’t seem like a fool in her photoshoot it seems, and we’re loving her damp hairstyle and denim on denim outfit! Grab your own copy of the September issue of “GEEK” magazine!
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