Girl’s Generation celebrates Tiffany’s birthday and their 10th anniversary with their fans

Jae Park, Aug. 1, 2017, 4 p.m.

During their “V” line session, Girls’ Generation celebrated special occasions with their fans via Naver ‘V’ Live on August 1st.

The girls celebrated their day with delicious pink cake, gifts, balloons, and champagne.

They stated in the video, “Our 6th album will be released soon so please look forward to it. We are also preparing our fan meetings and other events, so stay tuned!”

The members also introduced their latest track during the broadcast. “As soon as we heard the song, we knew it was just mean for Girls’ Generation for having its particular style.”

They added saying, “The dance choreography and overall style of new album is very similar to ‘Into the New World.’” Taeyeon said, “We’re so glad to see Girls’ Generation together for our tenth anniversary.”

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