Girls’ Generation Launches New Reality Show

luvsmiling, July 21, 2015, 10:33 a.m.

K-pop group Girls' Generation is set to show "a side of them never before shown on TV" in the pilot episode of their new reality program later Tuesday. "Channel Girls' Generation" -- to be aired on South Korean cable channel OnStyle at 9 p.m. on Tuesday -- isn't the band's first attempt at reality TV by any means. Previously, some members have appeared as guests or had permanent roles in shows like "The Taetiseo," which chronicled the lives of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyeon on the  same channel last year.

"Channel Girls' Generation" is the first to feature all eight current members after the exit of Jessica last year, with each of them directing her own segment, or "channel" in the program's vernacular. "Each member has such a strong personality that I thought giving each of them a 'channel' would allow fans to get to know them better," producer Oh Kwan-jin told reporters at a press conference in Seoul.

About half of the members have set out to teach viewers a little something about being a girl group idol. In "Beauty & Body Show," Yuri, who has chosen her skin as her most flattering feature, will share her skincare tips accumulated over the eight years she has spent in the industry.

Sooyoung will impart fashion wisdom in "What Should I Wear Today?" but also run her own Q&A program on the side to answer viewers' questions pertaining to all areas of life. Taeyeon and Hyoyeon will teach DIY tricks and dance moves, respectively.

Some others, however, will use this show to live the life they've always dreamed of. In "The Dual Life of the Youngest Member," Seohyeon will try to stroll about the city without being recognized by a stranger, her primary challenge being to disguise her identity without the help of sunglasses or a hat.

Yoona will learn how to cook, something she's always wanted to do but couldn't muster the motivation, and share the process with viewers. The remaining two haven't revealed enough information about their channels, leaving fans with no option but to watch the show to find out. Sunny said she will challenge herself to random missions, like applying full make-up or cooking up a fare in less than three minutes, every week. Tiffany said her "Tiffany X" will "show a side of her few have known" but refused to elaborate further.

Although "Channel Girls' Generation" is primarily a collection of eight different segments, producer Oh said it will also demonstrate how the eight members work as a team. "The program gets most interesting when all eight of them hang out together," he said. "It will show a side of them they've never shown before." Tiffany agreed, saying the goal was not just to show each member's unique qualities but also to show a different side of the band each week. "Of course, it'd be nice if people were able to say 'that's very Tiffany' or 'that's very Girls' Generation," but I hope people can also walk away thinking 'I didn't know Girls' Generation had a side like that.'"

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