Girls' Generation Looks Breathtaking in Individual Shots for "The Celebrity"

Sensitive Artist, June 23, 2015, 10:13 a.m.

The members of Girls' Generation can be seen looking beautifully elegant in their angelic cover photo for "The Celebrity", and now fans can see a closer look at each of them in their released individual shots! With the magazine's release, fans currently are spreading fanscans of the photos, but the magazine has now released the official versions of the preview cuts from their hot photoshoot!

For the photoshoot, the girls were made to model the type of woman that they most wanted to be for their individual photoshoot, with the concept "Girls' Generation's Ideal Type". The girls really take over the concepts that they chose well, effortlessly looking at their best with whatever dream occupation they chose for themselves.

Guess the themes of each Girls' Generation member! You heard it here at!

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