Girls' Generation Reacts to Hyoyeon's New Haircut on "Hyoyeon's Million Likes"

Maximilliano VCHK, June 12, 2015, 9:47 a.m.

Girls' Generation's reactions to Hyoyeon's new and shorter hairstyle were shown on the June 12th premiere of her reality show "Hyoyeon's Million Likes"! After receiving her haircut, Hyoyeon took a selfie and sent it to her fellow members. Hyoyeon, who has had long hair since middle school, had something to say about it.

Hyoyeon commented, "I really wanted a style change, so I went to the hair salon after practice. It was hard though, so instead of cutting, I just got my roots dyed. I really thought about it," saying that it was difficult for her to make the decision to cut her hair.

Sooyoung chimed in to say that she was against the decision of Hyoyeon cutting her hari short saying, "It's pretty when your hair flies around when you dance." Yuri however, said "Daebak! Really pretty," YoonA said, "Ah, pretty!" and Seohyun stated, "It looks good on you! Totally pretty."

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