GIRLS GENERATION shows muscial 'HERO IN MY HEART' love and support

Xxcutiex1004xX, March 10, 2014, 11:18 a.m.

GIRLS GENERATION supports musical 'HERO IN MY HEART'. SNSD released a shout out clip of new muscial 'HERO IN MY HEART' starring LEE DONG WOO which is produced by child company of SM, SM C&C. 

HERO IN MY HEART is about blind actor 'SUNGU' finds a lost daughter 'DANAH' he never even knew about and becoming as one family. The musical will be playing at CHOONGMOORO ART HALL until April 6th starring LEE DONG WOO, KIM HO JIN and HWANG JI YOUNG. You can watch the GIRLS GENERATION's messege for HERO IN MY HEART below.

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