Girls' Generation's Sunny and Hyoyeon Both Have 2 Million Followers on Instagram

Sensitive Artist, April 27, 2015, 9:33 a.m.

Girls' Generation's Sunny and Hyoyeon both have hit the 2 million follower milestone for their personal Instagram accounts! Sunny joined Instagram in July 2013, while Hyoyeon created her account in May 2013. This means that the girls attained 2 million followers in a very short amount of time!

The girls now can proudly say that they have individually been followed by two million Instagram users, and in only less than two years! The girls are definitely a must follow with their fun antics such as cute selca shots, etc.

Be sure to follow Sunny (@svnnynight) and Hyoyeon (@watasiwahyo) if you haven't already! You heard it here at!

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