Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon, YoonA, and EXO show their support for Seohyun's musical

michinGZB, Feb. 19, 2014, 4 p.m.

Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun has been receiving a lot of love from fellow celebrities and fans including SNSD members Taeyeon and YoonA and EXO who showed up to cheer on the youngest of Girls' Generation for her musical!

Taeyeon shared on her Instagram, "I love Seohyun's voice so much... Now when I look at Seohyun, she is so admirable our maknae. Thanks baby for showing a good performance. #TheMoonThatEmbracesTheSun #YeonWoo."

Seohyun tweeted these cute thank you messages, "Kkyaah~~ Two pretty, lovely, and admirable unnis came to see my performance today~ My unnis, our unnis Taeyeon unni♥YoonA unni♥! Thanks to you, All the actors thanked me countless times. keke love u, TaengYoong unnis♡."
"Even though you're busy, thank you so so much for coming out to support me~~ㅜㅜ with sweet Suho oppa and cute Baekhyun!! Aigoo~~ Seo Yeon Woo is happy! keke Growl Growl~ My cool hoobaes who I'm proud of, EXO, hwaiting!!^^."

"Jaja~~ Today's last keepsake cut!! Today is Hyun who embraces TaengYoong♥."

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