Girls' Generation's Yuri Goes on Virtual Dates with Shocking Results in "Dating Alone"

Maximiliano VCHK, Feb. 23, 2015, 9:41 a.m.

Girls' Generation member Yuri is known for having a lot of influence over boys, but as her virtual dates ended up showing, she was a very large handful! For the recent installment of "Dating Alone", GOT7's Jackson, Cross Gene's Shin, Kim Min Jong, and Jun Hyun Moo all attempted to try to win over Yuri while playing a virtual dating game with her.

In the episode, you can see Yuri confusing the boys with her difficult reactions to their choices. They were definitely surprised when she invited them over to her house to eat some ramen, and then asking them to leave shortly after due to the fact that she was tired. In the video clip seen above, Yuri yawns loudly and says, "Oppa, aren't you tired? I'm kind of sleepy". The oppas were all excited upon hearing this of course, assuming that she was trying to say something else. Yuri quickly snapped them back to reality by saying, "Oppa, I'm sleepy so can you leave?"

The boys then were given a set of choices on how to respond. Some left just as they were asked to do, upon which Yuri became angry. When others asked to hang around, she was even angrier. The rest of the group chose to do the dishes first and then leave afterwards, which Yuri approved of.

Thinking of the fact that the boyfriend is a guest at her home, and even ate some of her ramen, it might seem understandable how Yuri would expect the guest to clean up after themselves. The MC's were obviously confused by her behavior, making comments such as "I feel like we're going to go insane," "I can't understand her," and even comparing her personality to that of Shrek's by saying, "She's difficult, like an onion."

At the end, most of the MC's ended their virtual date with Yuri with negative points, while Kim Min Jong won with 50 points.

Watch the bottom video clip to see Yuri start off her virtual date with difficulty by telling the boys she has no makeup on, then asking them if she looks ugly! You heard it here at!

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