GIRLS GIRLS Release Official Music Video for New Track ‘Juicy Secret’

Nicholas Kim, Oct. 12, 2016, 8:25 a.m.

Girl group GIRLS GIRLS has just released a brand new music video for their newest track ‘Juicy Secret’! The girls show off their feminine wiles and charm in their latest music video, using their choreography to capture the hearts of viewers as they show off their concept look as waitresses. The girls all rock a similar bob cut hairstyle, and it may be hard for some to pick their bias since they look so similar!


The instrumentals of the song are strong and loud, mixing both brass sounds with electronic synthesized ones. As is the usual format for many K-pop tracks, this one features a rap segment as well to add that extra bit of flavor to the song, but the real strength of this track lies in the chorus as well as the singing from the girls as they hit their high notes flawlessly. Check it out below!

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