Girls’s Day Minah and Soccer Player Son Heung Min In A Relationship

casperschingoo, July 29, 2014, 11:19 a.m.

Record label Dream T Entertainment has made an announcement and confirmed that Girl’s Day’s Minah, and soccer player Son Heung Min went out on two dates so far, and are beginning to date.

Dream T Entertainment announced, "Minah told us that she went out with Son Heung Min twice with good feelings. After maintaining a friendship and encouraging each other as fans through SNS, [Minah] and Son Heung Min started dating with good intentions before he returns to his team in Germany. Minah is worried that this news going public after their second date and in the midst of them beginning to get to know each other might negatively impact Son Heung Min, who is about to enter a league, and Girl's Day, who are currently promoting."

We also sincerely apologize to fans and media for causing misunderstanding due to disorganization within the company caused by the unexpected situation."

The two were spooted on dates at Gangnam Station and the Han River Park. 

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