‘Glory Day’ Film Director Reveals His Reason for Casting EXO’s Suho!

AJ Lee, March 15, 2016, 4:31 p.m.

EXO fans are surely excited to see leader Suho featured in a big, upcoming movie, especially since this is his first silver screen role! Recently, the film held a press conference in promotion of ‘Glory Day’, where director Choi Jung Yeol divulged on his reason for casting the EXO member.

He shared, “There were two reasons for why I cast Kim Jun Myeon [A/N: Suho’s legal name]. I believe there’s a deep significance in the act of continuously discovering young actors alone. I had a burning desire to meet an actor who would be able to pull forth the future of Korean films. Personally, if I were to cast a star, I wanted to shatter the image they normally have in the public. Jun Myeon met those standards I held. I wondered how much the viewers would enjoy [the film] if the role of poor Sang Woo was given to Suho, who is from EXO, a group that has a flashy and cool image in front of their fans.”

You can catch Suho and the rest of the talented cast in ‘Glory Day’, which is slated for a March 24th premiere!

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