G.NA Shares About Her Personal Style & New-Found Confidence in Singing!

Anna Park, Sept. 28, 2015, 11:41 a.m.

Cube Entertainment's G.NA is featured in the October edition of 'The Star' magazine, where she opens up about her appearance on 'King of Mask Singer', the impact it's made on her, her personal style, and love for beauty! Although G.NA may be known for her upbeat pop songs and fit physique, the singer broke her own stereotype with her stint on the singing show.

In an interview with the magazine, G.NA confessed that although she was nervous that no one would recognize her voice on 'King of Mask Singer', she was grateful for the opportunity as she was able to gain much encouragement and confidence from the show. G.NA mentioned that she was happy to have had people hear her music with their ears, and not their eyes. She also thanked panelist and singer Baek Ji Young for recognizing her voice first.

The female soloist shared that through the confidence she gained on the program, she is currently preparing for her next album - one where she hopes to sing more ballads than catchy dance tracks!

G.NA also discussed her personal fashion style, describing it as "minimalistic with an edge". The singer shared that she enjoys topping off her simple outfits with statement jewelry to add a bit of flavor! G.NA also expressed her immense love for beauty, confessing that she owns three dressing tables and has over 800 perfumes in her collection. In order to keep herself fit, G.NA likes to do yoga, pilates, and even attends the gym!

Make sure to check out her full pictorial and interview in the October edition of 'The Star' magazine!

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