Go Ara Gives us an Update via Twitter

D-Bo, Jan. 22, 2014, 10:07 a.m.

Star of the hit drama Reply 1994, Go Ara recently tweeted us an update of her status.  It appears that the actress suffered an injury during the filming of the hit drama series.  Her tweet was as follows:

"Thanks to everyone's prayers, my recovery speed was LTE (like high-speed internet).  I am always thankful."  She appears to be talking about the injury she had sustained during filming for 'Reply 1994.'  She also uploaded a picture of herself looking glamorous in an off-shoulder dress.

"I gratefully read every single precious letter that the fans gave me during the signing event.  I was eternally touched by the thoughtfully prepared presents and the socks for sleeping. My recovery was shockingly quick while I diligently and cozily rested.  I will rehabilitate quickly, too.  Fighting."

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