Go Jun Hee Shows Off Her Beauty and Fashion Sense with “1st Look” Photoshoot

Ben Cho, Nov. 6, 2015, 10:28 a.m.

Go Jun Hee, recently known for her work starring in “She Was Pretty”, looked amazing in her solo photoshoot with “1st Look” magazine! If you look at that sexy see-through shirt, you’ll finally understand the beauty, grace, and fashion sense in the music video! For the photoshoot, you can see Go Jun Hee wearing Trois Rois jewelry and rocking it like nobody else can.


The concept for the photoshoot was “Day & Night”, and her day look is much more minimal and innocent, while her night look is both daring and bold. Go Jun Hee’s photoshoot marks the 100th issue of “1st Look” magazine, so be sure to grab a copy for yourself!

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