Go Jun Hee Steps Forward to Deny Dating Rumors

Paul Lee, Nov. 21, 2016, 9:34 a.m.

Go Jun Hee was initially accused of being in a relationship with someone, but it has now been revealed that the information is simply baseless rumors, and even the actress has now stepped forward to deny the claims made by the internet community.


A representative of Go Jun Hee announced on November 21st, ‘After getting in touch with her, we found out that the person involved in the dating rumor is just a friend.  She is also best friends with his younger sister.  The car in the picture, too, is not his but Go Jun Hee's.  After eating together, Go Jun Hee could not drive well, so he drove and took her home.  We apologize that Go Jun Hee was late in giving a response because she has no agency at the moment.

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