g.o.d releases second comeback teaser featuring Danny Ahn

No1uKnow, June 20, 2014, 10:55 a.m.

g.o.d sets all of the old school Kpop fans excited for their upcoming album and concert in honor of their 15th anniversary with their second comeback teaser featuring of Danny Ahn!

We see Danny Ahn in the dark room by himself as he passionately goes through his lines and going for drive in his convertible sportscar. Similiar to the first teaser of Son Ho Young, Danny's teaser is also set in a dark room, symbolizing the lone journey he went through until he finally reunited with the other g.o.d members.

g.o.d is scheduled to start their 15th anniversary concert at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul on July 12-13 and will release their album next month! Stay tuned for the next individual teaser!

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