Golden Child dancing "Let Me" 2 times faster on 'Weekly Idol' and doing random play dance challenge including INFINITE songs

Tae Hyun Kim, July 12, 2018, 10:03 a.m.

On July 11th, Golden child appeared on 'Weekly Idol' as guests and as the very first group voted by fans via 'Idol Champ' app. The group started off dancing to their latest title track "Let Me". Afterwards, the boys explained it's one of the fastest songs so far, whopping 180bpm. The MC's of 'Weekly Idol' then challenged them to dance 2x faster. After they danced it twice faster, they also had to challenge themselves with the famous random play dance challenge. The boys were told they would win a robot vacuum if they succeeded within 3 tries. But, being INFINITE's younger brother group, Golden Child's challenge not only had their own songs, but also included INFINITE's songs!

Check out the videos below to find out how they did!

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