Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung Go On a Romantic Date for "It's Okay, That's Love"

Inquisitive Bro-migo, July 9, 2014, 10:47 a.m.

Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung enjoyed going on a date together while being surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop in some still cuts released from their upcoming SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "It's Okay, That's Love"!

It has been announced that Gong Hyo Jin showed off her professional attitude when she attended the filming for her drama located in Okinawa on June 22nd to 28th even while she was still recovering from her recent car accident, prompting a round of applause from the staff. Jo In Sung showed his concern for Gong Hyo Jin, as well as staff and fans who presented the actress with bouquets of flowers, miscellaneous gifts, and letters of support for her quick and full recovery.

The romantic clinic drama is written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Kyu Tae, the same duo that created the masterpiece "Wind Blows in Winter".  "It's Okay, That's Love" will premiere after "You're Surrounded" on July 23rd.

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