Goo Hara gives a statement regarding the ongoing assault case + CCTV footage of Hara and her ex-boyfriend released

Jun Ko, Sept. 19, 2018, 12:27 p.m.

On September 19th, Goo Hara addressed the public in her interview with media outlet EDaily after her police questioning on the 18th: "I deeply apologize for creating concerns for the fans and the public due to this incident. I hope to put an end to this incident that has grown so out of proportion." 

When questioned about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Choi, she finally addressed the matter: "We had a healthy dating relationship. Just a few weeks ago, we were a happy couple. We couldn't imagine that the words 'assault' and 'police' would ever come in between us. Like every other couple, we did have fights once in a while. But recently, we ran into a misunderstanding that we couldn't overcome and our fight ended up getting bigger." 

"When the incident became a public issue, we ended up fighting each other back and forth like children. But there is responsibility to be carried out on both ends in a fight; it cannot be just from the fault of one side. I want to forgive and be forgiven by the person whom I once loved. I hope that this talented person who is deserving of respect will overcome this incident and find a bright future. Once again, I bow my head in deep apology to the fans and the public." 

Shortly after her personal statement to the public, CCTV of the two was released by SBS funE. The two were captured within the elevator in Hara's former residence after their fight and the call to the police. It was reported that the CCTV footage contained the events after the police pulled out of Hara's residence on September 13th; within the footage, Hara was seen boarding the elevator and checking her neck for scars in the elevator mirror while holding the door. Two males suspected of being Choi and his acquaintance are then seen boarding the elevator with luggage. Choi also checked for scars in the mirror while having his back to Hara; he was also seen smoking. Then the individuals were found in a parking deck, where they converse briefly before leaving the scene.

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