Goo Hara's last conversation with her older brother!

Rachel Kim , Nov. 27, 2019, 10:17 a.m.

On November 27, Goo Hara's older brother revealed the last Kakao messages he received from his sister. The messages read: 

"Older Brother: "I beg of you. Don't think bad thoughts and don't hurt. Stay healthy and as time passes get married, have kids, and live your days well. When you're sad, just cry it out and let it out. I love you, my sister."

Hara: "I love you oppa! Don't worry!"

Older Brother: "I know you must be sad. My heart is sad too. Eat lots of yummy food in Japan."

In related news, it was revealed that Hara helped expose the truth about Jung Joon Young and his chatrooms. On November 25, reporter Kang Kyung Yoon appeared on 'Joo Young Jin's News Briefing', where she spoke about Goo Hara's passing. She said, "On the day after news of Sulli's death was spread, I contacted Hara begging her not to make a bad choice and to live strongly till the end. She promised to do so and I am disheartened by this situation."  

She continued, "Hara was involved in a situation with her previous boyfriend, and experienced another wave of damage as people talked about the video and how that is fatal to a female celebrity. The boyfriend received a suspended sentence during his first trial but the malicious comments didn't stop there." 

Lastly, reporter Kang revealed that Hara had contacted her and wanted to personally help expose the truth stating that she,"couldn't help but contact her after being a victim of a similar crime. I don't know how to help but I would like to help". She showed her desire to help as much as she could and provided a lot of help." 

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