Goo Hye Sun Opens Up About Her Divorce in Latest Issue of 'Women's Sense'

Jay Yim, Oct. 23, 2019, 11:55 a.m.

In the upcoming November issue of 'Women's Sense', Goo Hye Sun will be featured with her interview and pictorial, as she opened up about her divorce.

Goo Hye Sun revealed in her interview, One day, Ahn Jae Hyun told me that he stopped feeling attracted to me. After that day, he started talking about divorce."

"After Ahn Jae Hyun decided to move out to a private apartment to focus on his acting practice, it became difficult to contact him. The private apartment had turned into a space for us to live separately before I knew it. We never really had big fights in our marriage. From my perspective, it's an unfair divorce. Even if I called him or texted him, there was no response. The last text I received from him was, 'I'm going home to pick up winter clothes', while I was hospitalized."

The actress took some time to reflect about her feelings for Ahn, and said, "I do not love him anymore. Because he does not love me. Through this marriage, I learned that I should not trust love, I should trust myself. I do not want this divorce to leave a scar. I will continue living my life diligently, seeing it as just one of many events I experienced in my life."

Goo and Ahn are currently in legal battles regarding their divorce.

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