Good deed paid off 34 years later to the Presbyterian Medical Center

Janice Hong, June 30, 2016, 9:34 a.m.

The story of a woman who remembered to pay off a good deed 34 years later on Wednesday is receiving warm reactions from the public. The 63-year-old woman surnamed Kang remitted 7.1 million won ($6,150) to the Presbyterian Medical Center in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, which was the amount she owed the hospital for the life-saving medical care her husband received some 34 years ago.

Kang’s husband suffered a serious car accident in April 1982 when his car collided heads on with an 8-ton truck. Defying many who predicted otherwise, the husband survived the crash, following numerous surgeries from the PMC where he remained hospitalized for three months for recuperation. Kang did not have enough money to pay for the medical service then, as the couple had not long before failed in a grocery store business they jointly ran. The hospital head surgeon, showing compassion for the couple, took payment of only 700,000 won from the total 7.8 million won bill.

The aftereffects of the accident prevented Kang’s husband from working, and Kang spent the next 34 years as the breadwinner of the family, raising their children through seamstress jobs.
Kang said she always lived with a debt in her heart for the hospital, which eventually led to her payment after all these years. 

The pastor of the church Kang attends had supported her decision, saying that although the currency value had jumped over the years, it would be meaningful for her to repay the principal. The PMC said it will use Kang’s money to help other patients in financial difficulties.

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