Good Looking Policeman Goes Viral After Appearing on “Infinity Challenge”

David Song, Jan. 12, 2016, 5:56 p.m.

Photos of a handsome police office that appeared on the “hot pursuit” special for “Infinity Challenge” has gone viral! The policeman’s rugged good looks seems to have caught the attention of many female viewers since the episode aired on January 2nd, since photos of the officer have been popping up everywhere online ever since he was featured.


Viewers seem to have a very keen interest in the officer, whose real name is Jung Tae Woo, a superintendent at Busan Metropolitan Police Agency. Netizens left some interesting comments regarding the policeman’s photos like, "The detective is so handsome that he makes me want to commit a crime," and, "I'm going to quickly become a police officer so I can meet him." 


What do you think about the craze?

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