Google Posts Top Searches for Korean TV Shows and Music for 2015

Paul Lee, Dec. 11, 2015, 10:22 a.m.

The Korean entertainment industry has been making very big waves for the year 2015, and Google has just shared the list of the most impressive works for the past year, after collecting data of how many times users had searched for them. In the “most searched TV shows” category, MBC’s popular drama ‘She Was Pretty” had a powerful line-up for their cast combined with a romantic storyline, netting it the #1 spot on the list. Following shortly afterwards was “Producer” then “Mask King”, which closed out the top three searched TV shows for 2015.


Music searches showed that EXID’s track “Up & Down”, a shocking overnight smash hit which skyrocketed through the charts after a fancam went viral was number one. IU’s “Zeze” and Stellar’s sexually charged “Vibrato” were featured in the top 10 list as well. Below is a full top 10 list for both categories


TV Shows

1. She Was Pretty"

2. 'Producer'

3. 'Mask King'

4. 'Yong Pal'

5. 'Oh My Ghost'

6. 'Show Me the Money 4'

7. 'Game of Thrones'

8. 'Kill Me, Heal Me'

9. 'Three Meals A Day'

10. 'Misaeng' 


1. EXID - "Up & Down" 

2. Stellar - "Vibrato" 

3. Girl's Day - "Ring My Bell" 

4. Noh Sa Yeon - "Wish" 

5. IU - "Zeze" 

6. Incredivle x Tablo x Jinusean - "Oppa's Car" 

7. J.Y. Park - "Who's Your Mama" 

8. Taeyeon - "I" 

9. G-Friend - "Glass Bead" 

10. EXID - "Ah Yeah"
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