GOT7 play the image game the ngiht before their debut stage on 'Real GOT7'

LrgnNChrg, Feb. 5, 2014, 10:20 a.m.

GOT7 shared their night before their debut performance on 'Real GOT7'!

On the third episode, GOT7 were given the mission to play an image game. All the members are to point to a member that best fits as the answer to the questions and the member with the most votes gets punished by getting pounded on the back.

The majority chose Youngjae as the one with best make over since his trainee days and Jackson as the one who to over-exaggerate his motions on stage. Jackson also chose himself as a good candidate to become leader if JB wasn't around, bringing laughs with his confidence. The international members also had their cute moments when brushing up on their Korean skills.

Check out the a clip of the episode and their BTS photos below!

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