GOT7 Seeking to Raise Domestic Popularity Like Their Juniors TWICE

BanSeok Shin, May 20, 2019, 5:12 p.m.

For the release of their comeback album, 'Spinning Top' JYP Entertainment's main boy group, GOT7, had an interview during which they talked about increasing their domestic popularity. JB, the group's leader, discussed how the group can learn from younger artists like TWICE - who are GOT7's junior or hoobaes at JYP Entertainment. He said, "There's definitely something to be learned from our hoobaes. That also applies to TWICE. TWICE is well known domestically and I believe we need to follow that. I wonder how we can make ourselves better known domestically....I honestly never thought we lacked in our performance or talent, but I do think that our popularity is lower than we expected. I think we need to get motivated and need to follow them by upgrading our talent." The group members also agreed and echoed this sentiment saying, "We have to show more of ourselves through content to improve our popularity." Good on GOT7 for realizing the need to improve and for not settling for contentment!

GOT7's new album 'Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity' dropped today May 20th! Check it out! How do you think the group can improve their domestic, as well as their international popularity?

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