GOT7 sends message to Youngjae from Sydney

Du Ri Jang, April 21, 2017, 9:48 a.m.

GOT7 sent a video message to Youngjae from Sydney via the Naver V app Thursday. “Get well soon, Youngjae! I know you’re watching the broadcast. I love you!” the other six bandmates said. The group left Korea for its “GOT7 Global Fan Meeting in Australia 2017,” which takes place in Sydney from Thursday to Monday. 

Meanwhile, Youngjae could not participate in the meet-and-greet event, due to a back injury. He is currently being treated and recovering in the hospital, according to JYP Entertainment, which represents GOT7. 

The boy band recently surpassed sales of 300,000 copies of its latest album “Flight Log: Arrival,” which was released March 13. 

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