GOT7 Votes for Group Leader During Current Promotions

BanSeok Shin, May 21, 2019, 9:58 a.m.

GOT7's leader, JB, suddenly found himself running for re-election during the group's appearance on JTBC's 'Idol Room'. On the May 21st (KST) airing of the variety show the boys made a guest appearance to promote their newest mini album 'Spinning Top' which was just released on May 20th. During a segment of the show BamBam expressed that he wanted to be the leader of GOT7 so the show's hosts asked the other members to share their complaints about JB. Yugyeom stated that, "Shortly after we debuted we were eating a meal at the salon. Our preferences are different. I only eat one dish on the menu and he said, 'Give me just one bite.'" After the other members also hilariously shared their complaints the show held an election, between the members, for who would be the group's leader for the remainder of their current promotions.

JB campaigned for re-election stating, "If I were leader again, I'd use my own money to increase the quality of our food. I'll Invest 25,000 Won per person." Some of the other members responded to this by saying, "Then let's just let JB be leader." JB's opposition, BamBam, however, responded by saying, "I'll deposit the money if you tell me what you want to eat. If you ordered food and didn't bring your credit card, call me and I'll deposit money right away."

The election ended up being quite close as JB won by just one vote. After winning JB made a victory comment: "Once a leader, always a leader. Thank you for trusting me. I'll work hard."

What do you think of the election results? Who do you think should be leader for the current promotions?

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